Montessori vs Mainstream Education - Bee Montessori

How does Montessori education differ from Mainstream Education?

Your child is unique and their education should be too. Here is what makes Montessori education so special…

Montessori Approach to EducationMainstream Education
Highly individualized (meets the child’s unique needs)“One size fits all” learning
Flexible Curriculum (based on child’s interests)Rigid Curriculum
Child learns at his/her own paceChild is forced to learn at the same pace as the rest of the class
Child has the freedom to choose their own workTeacher chooses the work that the children do and when they do it
Child has the freedom to explore and learn on their own (child is their own teacher)Child receives “constant guidance” from his/her teacher
Materials are self- correcting, encouraging independenceTeacher corrects the child (child must depend on adult)
Emphasis on developing the child’s whole personality (social, emotional, physical development)Emphasis on strictly developing the child’s intellectual knowledge
Child is free to move around the classroom environmentMovement around the classroom is strongly discouraged (child must stay at their desk all day)

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