Specialty Programs - Bee Montessori

Specialty Programs

At BMN, we incorporate French, Music and Physical Education into our curriculum.

⬢ Art

From fostering self-expression and imagination, to enhancing the child’s fine motor skills, research supports the benefits of art. As a school, we recognize the integrate role that the arts play on the child’s development and therefore incorporate it into our curriculum by providing them with many opportunities to create art/craft projects (if they desire to do so)

⬢ Music

Music is an important component of the Montessori program as is the traditional Montessori Curriculum.

  • Toddler Music Program: The Music Program at the Toddler level involves fostering the children’s love of music through singing, dancing and movement.
  • Casa Music Program: The Music Program at the Casa level involves the development of the child’s awareness and love of music through singing, movement, and listening, including an emphasis on the Montessori Bells and various musical concepts (i.e., beat/ rhythm, piano/forte, etc.). Casa-aged children will participate in a music class (taught by their classroom teacher) once per week.

⬢ Physical Education

As a school, we recognize the importance of physical fitness and we offer our students opportunity for movement throughout their day, as well as through music. Our students receive a minimum 2 hours of outside playtime each school day (as required by the Ministry of Education).